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Touch Therapy

Touch Therapy has been specially designed for those going through or recovering from cancer and other illnesses, and has been developed alongside oncology experts.
These treatments are also suitable for those with Parkinson’s, neurological problems or anyone going through bereavement, Long Covid, burnout or stress.

The treatments are akin to a period of meditation, allowing the body to access the parasympathetic state where the mind and body are prompted into a ‘state of allowing’. This period allows rejuvenation on all levels – mind, body, and emotions – including a natural boost to immunity.

The treatments all use slow, soothing, and rhythmic massage techniques providing complete tranquillity and relaxation, promoting a sense of wellbeing. Touch Therapy also helps improve sleep and gives a natural boost to wellness. The treatments are adaptable and completely safe for everybody, even those with a compromised immune system. They leave you with a gentle feeling of having been nurtured and held. 

Hand on Heart™

Back, Scalp & Face Treatment (90m, 60m)

This nurturing and calming treatment for the head, face, back and shoulders was created to allow you to drift away into a meditative state of relaxation. Slow Tui Na Chinese massage techniques rebalance and calm the upper body while the facial will replenish, nourish and revive the skin and ease tension.

The ritual uses slow, soothing and rhythmic techniques providing complete tranquillity and relaxation. 100% certified organic Made for Life by Spiezia products nourish and protect.

Soothe & Nurture™

Organic Facial  (60m)

A beautiful way to restore natural luminosity to the skin, leaving you looking and feeling radiant.  100% organic balms and oils will nourish and cleanse, eliminating congestion and returning natural balance to the skin, whilst deeply relaxing face and scalp massage calms the mind and soothes the soul.

Catch the Breath™

Back and Scalp Treatment (30m)

Gentle and rhythmic Tui Na Chinese massage techniques on the head, neck and shoulders allow you to drift away into a meditative state of relaxation.  Tension is eased and a sense of wellbeing recovered.

30 Minutes - £43         60 Minutes - £53         90 Minutes - £73

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