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"Before my massage I was feeling off kilter; mentally over stimulated and unable to hear what my body really needed. I was finding it hard to rest and sleep, my concentration for work was suffering.

Kia’s gentle presence, capable and very knowing hands calmly guided my mind back into my body. My mind slowed right down and my body, down to it’s very cells, felt nourished.

What I love so much about Kia’s massages, are the transitions. Even when not directly working with me she exudes meditation. Her transitions in and out of contact are effortless. For me this shows her approach is not only a philosophy but, all importantly, a way of life! – I feel reset, recharged and inspired to make sure it is for me too! I also slept well that night too.

Thanks so much Kia x" - LP 

Lucky me... I just got to spend 90 minutes having a wonderful massage from the lovely Kia Lucas
I didn't have any particular requirements/any areas of need other than a bit of general tension so let Kia do as she felt. I'm so pleased I did. Kia's natural intuitiveness and effective massage technique has left me feeling like I'm floating. All the strains and tension I've been carrying these last months after a frantic summer season have melted away.

Please check her out and indulge yourself by booking an appointment with her - you won't regret it!

Thanks again Kia x - SJ 

"I have been receiving massages for thirty years and your massage relaxed me more than any other in my life. Blissful!” - SU

"What a gift! I really feel that Kia's massages have helped me and the baby to stay happy, healthy and relaxed during my pregnancy" - ZJ

"Another wonderfully relaxing massage from Kia - can't recommend her enough for massages throughout your pregnancy and following the birth - and thereafter if you get hooked on feeling amazing like I have! Thanks Kia!" - BF

"Receiving massages from Kia felt like such a special part of my pregnancy, time out  from work and a busy lifestyle to be fully present with my growing baby, and deeply connected" - BH

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