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Closing The Bones - Postnatal Treatment and Ceremony


Traditionally, Closing The Bones is a postpartum ceremony (originating from South America) to deeply nurture, nourish and support a women's recovery after giving birth. It's about re-balancing and honouring her body and about bringing her back to her centre.

I offer this nurturing treatment for postnatal women, wherever they are in their postpartum journey. I use restorative abdominal massage techniques, front of torso massage to help aid lymph and circulation, and the traditional rebozo wrapping techniques of the Closing the Bones or 'Cerrada' ceremony.
The combination of massage strokes, the wrapping of the body in scarves, and the use of herbs and ceremony within this treatment creates a safe place to reflect, connect and restore after the physical and emotional work of pregnancy and birth.


Closing The Bones is not limited to new mums. It can be received at any stage of a woman's life, regardless of whether she has given birth or not.

It is a beautiful, ceremonial way of helping you return physically, emotionally and energetically back to yourself after a time of change and/or trauma/loss; bringing a sense of closure, renewed energy and support in letting something go.

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Closing The Bones (1-1)

A beautiful one-to-one ceremony including intention setting, herbal foot bath, massage, body wrapping, poems, song and sharing of your birth story if you wish.

Full Closing Ceremony

A Full Closing Ceremony can be attended by your closest female loved ones who will take an active role in the ceremony.

The same aspects will be included as in the 1-1 ceremony, but in addition, your sisters will kneel by your side for the final closing and sealing element where you will be held, honoured and wrapped using rebozos (Mexican shawls). Words and song may be offered. Here you lie, surrounded by your chosen women for as long as is needed. Nothing is rushed; the gift is time, pure intentions and love. 

Traditionally women would receive Closing The Bones hours after giving birth and it would be repeated 5 or 6 times during the first 40 days postpartum.  I advise as soon as you are feeling comfortable you can receive it, but if you've had a cesarean I would wait until the scar has healed (a nurturing postpartum massage in the meantime could be perfect though).

It can still be just as powerful to receive many years after come at any stage of your journey!

The ceremony can be at your home, mine, or a place of your choice and will last around 2 hours. 


I offer this on a sliding scale between £80 & £160 depending on what you feel you can afford. 


If you would like more information or to talk through any aspect of Closing of the Bones, please give me a call on 07799248737 or for other contact details click here.

I am based in South West Cornwall, but am passionate about sharing this amazing work, therefore I'm happy to travel throughout Devon & Cornwall to give this wonderful ceremony.
Do be in touch to find out if I can cover where you live. Mileage rates may apply.
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