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Closing The Bones

What is Closing the Bones?

Closing The Bones is a beautiful, ceremonial way of helping you return physically and energetically back to yourself after a time of change; bringing a sense of closure, renewed energy and support in letting something go.


Traditionally it is a postpartum massage and ceremony, a celebration, a setting of sacred space, a way to deeply nurture, nourish and support a woman’s recovery after childbirth/her passage through giving birth. It is a way to celebrate the amazing abilities of a woman’s body and to mark and honour her journey into motherhood.

Where does it originate from?

Closing the Bones draws from postpartum traditions from around the world, particularly Latin America and Asia where these traditional cultures know that a woman needs support following childbirth, in a way that we seem to have forgotten in the West.

In most cultures there is a period of rest after birth, generally around 40 days where the new mother stays at home to recuperate from labour and bond with her baby. It is a time to be looked after by female friends and relatives, have nutritious food cooked for her, herbal baths prepared and to receive massage.


In Ecuador women are given the Closing The Bones massage within hours of the birth, and receive it at least 5 or 6 times during the first 40 days postpartum.

Who is it for?

It is traditionally for women postpartum, but can also be given to women at any stage of life, including those who have not birthed yet.

Closing The Bones can be used as a Rite Of Passage and is particularly powerful to receive during transitional times, such as to mark Menarche, becoming a mother, menopause, marriage, divorce/end of a relationship, a new job or moving house.

The ceremony can be very beneficial and nurturing after a traumatic birth experience, the loss of a baby, stillbirth or miscarriage.

It can also be releasing and healing for women who have experienced any form of sexual trauma.

The Physical

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The Emotional & Spiritual

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Closing The Bones Massage

Full Closing Ceremony

A Full Closing ceremony can be attended by your closest female relatives, friends and loved ones who will take an active role in the ceremony. If you've had a Blessingway/Mother Blessing, it's often very lovely to invite the same group of women back to your Closing of The Bones. 

The same massage will be given and your sisters will kneel by your side for the final closing and sealing element of the ceremony. You are held and honoured at various points from crown to toe, using the rebozos, holding this space for you to feel, acknowledge and release, allowing as much time as is needed while you integrate your experience. Words and song may be offered. Here you lie, surrounded by your chosen women for as long as is needed. Nothing is rushed; the gift is time, pure intentions and love. 

The full closing ceremony can be at your home, mine, or a place of your choice and will last around 2 hours. 

For more information on anything on this page, or to get in touch for a chat about the Closing of the Bones Ceremony, please call or email me

If you would like to give me a call to talk through any aspect of Closing of the Bones, please do give me a call on 07799248737

I am based in South Devon, but am passionate about sharing this amazing work, therefore I'm happy to travel throughout Devon & Cornwall to give this wonderful ceremony.
Do be in touch to find out if I can cover where you live. Mileage rates may apply.
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