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About Kia

I love what I do!​

Since qualifying as a Massage Therapist in 2009 I have travelled around the World continuing my study of bodywork; Along the way I furthered my understanding and knowledge of the human body and healing through touch by immersing myself in different cultures, learning their varying massage techniques.

My interest and passion lies in Women’s Health and Wellbeing, and specifically (but not limited to) life’s transitional times. This has seen me working with women during Pregnancy, Postpartum and Peri/Menopause to help support and nurture their changing bodies. I always feel so honoured to be a part of these transitional times.

I continue to be inspired, and keep my work fresh and informed by regularly receiving treatments from other therapists and attending Continued Professional Development training in the UK

I have worked in a variety of settings including yoga centres, retreats, health centres, spas and luxury hotels, hospices and in client's homes.

Kia Lucas

My Approach

I offer a nurturing and meditative approach to massage and bodywork.

Tailoring my treatments to meet your individual needs, I support your mind and body to deeply relax, re balance and rejuvenate, bringing a sense of stillness and space to your body.

"I have been receiving massages for thirty years and your massage relaxed me more than any other in my life. Blissful!”

Hiking in the Himalayas, Relaxing, Bliss

“I loved how the massage treatment from Kia made me feel more at home in my body” 



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Mayan Neurosacral Therapy, Guatemala

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ITEC Anatomy and Physiology, UK

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Mizan Therapy (Level 1)

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Postpartum Bodywork and Cerrada/Closure Ceremony Laura Leongomez

Closing The Bones (Level 1)
Deeper into Closing The Bones (Level 2) - Sophie Messager

Mother Blessing Ceremony - Hazel Acland Tree

“…a very professional and confident approach” 

Fully insured and a member of The FHT

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