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My Approach

​I offer a nurturing and meditative approach to massage and bodywork. 

My aim is to deeply relax you, bringing a sense of stillness and space to your body. I help to bring you back into alignment, leaving you feeling centred and grounded.


I create a massage tailored to meet your individual needs, supporting your mind and body to relax, re balance and rejuvenate, leaving you feeling restored.

My aim is not to see how many clients I can squeeze into each day but to simply help you achieve the results desired through the healing work of massage therapy and bodywork.

As my client, you will not be rushed on and off the table as I space my appointments to allow time to discuss your needs with you before each session, complete your full session and allow some time at the end for you to relax before getting up.

My hope is that through my massage and bodywork you experience pure bliss!


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