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Frequently Asked Questions


Before you book in for a treatment, is there something you would like to know?

Here are a few of the questions I am most frequently asked, but if you'd like to know anything I haven't covered below, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

Why do I need a consultation and what does it involve?

A thorough consultation is an important part of any massage treatment, especially your first with a new therapist. As massage is a hands-on treatment it’s important for me to have an awareness of how you are feeling and any ongoing problems or medication you may be taking so I can tailor the treatment accordingly. Holistic massage treats the whole person, therefore can have an impact on any of the body's systems (eg. lymphatic, cardiovascular or circulatory) therefore it is important for me to know a bit about your medical history.

If you are in any doubt as to whether you should be receiving massage due to a medical condition you can seek permission from your doctor who will be able to clarify if massage would be appropriate for you.

Anything discussed will be treated as confidential.

How often should I have a massage?

A single treatment can make a wonderful difference to how you are feeling. However, it is often more beneficial to have a course of treatments which may be weekly, fortnightly or monthly depending on your needs. Together we can discuss and create a treatment plan and review it as necessary, of course this can be changed at any time according to your preferences and progress. 

What kind of oil do you use?

I use a selection of organic oils depending on your skin type and preference. Generally I will use Grapeseed, Sweet Almond or Coconut Oil. I do not use essential oils as I am not an Aromatherapist, however, if you have a special blend or favourite oil you would like me to use, I am more than happy to do so.

Do you play music?

During the treatment I encourage you to switch off and enjoy slipping into a place of deep relaxation. Sometimes a silent room can create a distraction to a busy mind so I play soft, gentle music to help facilitate relaxation. Of course, if you prefer treatments to be carried out in silence or you would like to choose some different music that's okay, just let me know. It is your treatment and I want you to be the most relaxed you can be.

Do I have to talk to you during the treatment?

Not unless you want to! Once the consultation is out of the way, the treatment plan has been agreed and you are ready to receive the massage there is no need for conversation, you can just drift off into a deeply relaxed state. I will check in with you from time-to-time to ensure you are happy with the level of pressure, however, if you are in any discomfort or would like the treatment to be altered in any way, at any point, it's okay to let me know. It is your treatment so please don’t wait to be asked.

Do I need to have a full body massage?

Not at all. A full body massage is fantastic but sometimes you may prefer to have a whole hour focused on a certain area. The massage you receive is very much centred around your needs and the type of outcomes you would like. The consultation is our chance to chat through how you are feeling on the day in order to create the perfect treatment for you.

I don’t feel comfortable removing my clothes. Is this OK?

You can undress as far as you feel comfortable. If you are receiving a treatment to the upper back or legs then if you prefer it’s absolutely fine for you to keep the other areas of your body clothed. There is a lot that can be done through clothes, or drapes working without oils. Equally, some people feel totally relaxed when they are naked or just wearing underwear. If this is your preference then you will be properly covered during the session with a sheet or towel to protect your modesty at all times. Only the area being worked on will be exposed. It’s your treatment so it’s totally up to you.

I have a skin complaint. Will it be OK for me to have a massage?

It completely depends on the condition and whether you feel comfortable receiving massage to the affected area.

With non-contagious skin conditions (such as Eczema or Psoriasis), if the skin is intact; no breaks, cracks, scabs or oozing, massage can be extremely helpful in reducing symptoms by stimulating circulation, aiding the reduction of inflammation and pain and encouraging the skin to renew its cells.

There are some conditions which may prohibit massage (e.g. Impetigo) and some that mean I will avoid the affected area (Veruccas and warts for example).

If you are in any doubt then please call and we can discuss any concerns over the phone before you book a treatment.

What if I am pregnant or think I might be? Is it safe for me to have a massage?

Of course! Massage during pregnancy can be hugely beneficial to both mother and baby. It's perfectly safe for you to recieve massage after the first trimester. It's best to mention what stage you are at when you book your treatment so I can be prepared with extra pillows for your comfort. The treatment will mainly be carried out with you lying on your side, but I may also do some work with you lying on your back in a semi-reclined position if you are comfortable to do so.

I have taken part in extensive pregnancy massage training, as well as massage for the post natal period and during labour. I am always happy to answer any questions you might have. For more in depth information on Pregnancy Massage and Postpartum Massage please refer to "Pregnancy & Postpartum" page on this website.

What should I expect during a treatment?

The treatment will begin with a consultation to establish how you are feeling, smooth over any concerns or queries you may have about the treatment and go over any medical history I may need to know about. This all helps me to understand you and what you want and need from the treatment. 

After the consultation I will leave the room to let you get undressed and on the table and covered with a sheet or towels. When you are ready I will come back into the room and make adjustments such as adding an extra blanket, altering the headrest and or putting a boulster under your ankles or knees to ensure you are as comfortable as possible. 

I will then begin the treatment.

After the treatment I will again leave the room for you to take your time getting up and dressed.

I tailor my sessions to the individual needs of each client, whether that be specific to the day or part of an ongoing process, on a physical or emotional level.

                                                                                                                                                           I look forward to working with you

~ Kia

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